Technology Services Specialized Solutions: AutoPowerBI Release

Benefits of Business Intelligence

AutoPowerBI Sales Analysis Demo

Now you can leverage your sales data to dramatically boost your sales success.

The AutoPower System is packed with mountains of extremely valuable historical and current sales data. This treasure trove of data is a large business asset waiting to be unlocked and transformed immediately into vastly improved sales operations and enhanced profitability. This data can arm you with deep insights into your customers, your sales reps, your vendors, and even hidden aspects of your business. The key to releasing this value is the AutoPowerBI Sales Analysis solution.

The power to know—everything.

Our Sales Analysis solution provides you a menu of advanced reports with powerful dynamic functions in an easy to use intuitive interface. The AutoPowerBI platform serves up clear visualizations and tables delivering key performance data. You receive business insights that normally would take your staff days or weeks to put together. Those that have used this solution report reducing their sales management efforts by as much as 90%. That’s 90% at management level salary rates. Think of the impact of arming your sales reps with customer purchasing trends that encompass historical vs current sales by vendor and part numbers. Amazingly, your sales data can reveal so much strategic information across many variables, that once you start using our advanced reporting and business intelligence solutions, you will quickly change the way you evaluate your business operations.

Think of the possibilities:

• Know how every sales rep and counter person is performing, anytime

• Monitor sales and profitability performance using any combination of sales rep, customer, vendor, part number and time period.

• Track total sales vs 120-day rolling average to spot emerging sale performance trends

• Instantly see your total extended credit limit exposure vs customer sales totals and the last purchase date for all customers

• Track sales trends by customer, vendor and individual parts with visualizations of profit margin patterns that contrast declining and improving sales performance.

• Quickly spot warning signs—and opportunities—that would otherwise go unnoticed for weeks, or longer.

It can start working for you in a matter of days.

Deployment of AutoPowerBI Sales Analysis can be quickly achieved, because your critical sales data is already residing in your AutoPower System. The analytical engine that is the foundation of AutoPowerBI is extremely flexible and powerful! In a matter of days AutoPowerBI will provide you an immense amount of large-scale visualization and data analysis that continues to be updated daily. Insights into your sales data is key to maintaining a competitive advantage and making informed decisions. Using this innovative and advanced technology, the AutoPowerBI business intelligence solution is affordable and packed with value. Let us help you experience the dramatic way AutoPowerBI insights can create “profit by intention” within your company. Request a demo or Call us today!