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AutoPower Virtualized Servers: Cloud Hosting, Full Service Data Center, Firewall Management, Remote Access, Monitoring.AutoPower Corporation provides a full service Data Center for the virtualization of customer AutoPower Servers. We firmly believe that in this day of cyber-attacks, viruses, data breaches and ransomware it is wise for you to:

Manage Your Business, While We Manage Your AutoPower System

More than half of our customers have made the move to our Data Center and enjoyed the power to:

  • Lower IT Costs
  • Increase Uptime
  • Recover from Disaster
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Scale Operations at Will
  • Freeing Business Growth without IT Constraints

Data Center customer packages include the full IT service benefits of managed firewalls, server updates, instant memory and processing power upgrades, data backup and recovery, remote access and 24/7/365 monitoring.  With the latest technologies available, we target 99.99% uptime plus rapid data recovery with numerous system recovery points. Our technology represents our commitment to provide your business with the most reliable data protection and fastest disaster recovery technologies available.

Why your decision to host your business with AutoPower is a great decision.

Recently, we’ve had several customers move to the AutoPower Hosting Data Center because they suffered ransomware attacks on their in-house self-managed servers. The process of recovery was days, not hours and certainly not minutes.

AutoPower’s Data Center has protection against these types of data breaches. We also recognize that downtime can be devastating and costly to your business. Accordingly, we keep our hosting technology current and your business uptime very protected.

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