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We care about your business success; Here you will find a collection of our published documents that combines data and analysis to offer a path to advantages that give your business a competitive edge.

Strategy .01 Transforming Your Own Data Into a Powerful Growth Engine / AutoPower Strategy Series 

NOV 22, 2022

See how AutoPowerBI Data Analytics Services can enable you to leverage your sales data to power through uncertain times – by anticipating customer needs, detecting competitor encroachment, improving inventory management, and much more. 

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AutoPower Announces its new Strategy Series: Surviving Inflation and The Supply Chain Crisis

OCT 31, 2022

As you know, businesses are facing stiff headwinds due to inflation, supply chain disruptions, and general market volatility.  We present a timely series of 4 strategies that heavy-duty distributors can apply to the business obstacles posed by rising inflation, supply chain disruptions, and general market volatility.

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In the coming weeks, we will release briefs for each of the 4 Strategies - all designed to help you weather today’s serious challenges and secure your continued business success.

Strategy 1: Transforming routine business data into a powerful growth engine: detailing how AutoPowerBI Business Analytics Services can enable organizations to transition to data-based operations and decision making by leveraging mountains of routine data--to better anticipate customer needs, detect competitor encroachment, improve inventory management, and much more.

Strategy 2: Enhancing Control Over Pricing: Applying AutoPower’s integrated Price Management Module to keep prices ahead of accelerating inflation and elongated supply cycles to protect profit margins.

Strategy 3: Turning Technology From a Burden to a Competitive Advantage: explaining how AutoPower’s Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) model provides fully managed and always-cutting-edge computer and network systems, applications and security to enable distributors to compete effectively without capital investment or in-house IT expertise.

Strategy 4: Empowering Customers to Improve Cash Flow: how the integration of BillFire’s powerful VALET click-to-pay option provides an easy transition to the convenience of digital A/R — to streamline accounting processes, improve collections and reduce costs for distributors and their customers.