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Sales & Pricing

AutoPower Point of Sales POS, Order Management, and Pricing Matrix Software Modules: Pricing, Order Entry, E-commerce, Credit Card Processing, EDI, Delivery Signature, AIN, Core Management, POS Invoice, POS Scanner, POS Signature Pad, Muti Branch Pricing.Companies that use the AutoPower System are primarily “sales” (Business to Business (B2B) and/or Business to Consumer (B2C)) companies that require many different sales tools to provide excellent customer service. Our decades of experience in collaboration with our merchants and various buying groups has help us integrate into the AutoPower System some of the most powerful sales tools found anywhere.  Orders are streamline into your company using tools like:

These sales tools are not ranked in any particular order of importance or functionality, but they have all been proven to drive customer sales, slash order costs, create new revenue and boost business efficiency.  They create competitive edges and unique sales propositions that make you a “sales oriented” preferred supplier and/or service center.

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