AutoPower System Profit by Intention: Service / Reman

Heavy Duty Service and Repair

Service and Reman AutoPower Software Modules: Vehicle Shop, Unit Rebuild, Time Clock, Labor Scanning, Work Order, Reman, Hose Assembly, Drive Shaft Assembly.   Heavy Duty Vehicle Service and Repair

The AutoPower Heavy Duty Service and Repair module provides you the tools to manage both the one-off drive-in business work and the lucrative longer-term fleet service contracts. The Service and Repair Module is designed to infuse productivity and efficiency by streamlining your shop processes with:

  • Direct integration to inventory
  • Integration to rebuild processes
  • Tie parts to work order controls
  • Core management
  • Repair type kitting
  • Labor and repair type management
  • Labor bar code scanning stations
  • Smart repair bay planning
  • Time clock integration
  • Work order quoting and release tools
  • Purchase to warranty tracking
  • Repair history reporting
  • Service personnel efficiency reporting


Assembly Rebuild

The AutoPower Assembly and Rebuilders (REMAN) Module is designed to manage and unite the prime business processes including recovery, cores and parts inventory and utilization of cores in your remanufactured assemblies. You will have high visibility and oversight of your REMAN business performance from core management and disassembly to employee labor.

Work orders include a complete bill of materials, sub and intermediate assemblies, components, parts, quantities and labor required.  Embedded in the REMAN Module are over three decades of knowledge and experience in reducing costs and maximizing profits. The AutoPower REMAN solution provides a modern approach infused with sound financial, assemble and rebuilding processes, core inventory management and labor workflow functionality scales to meet the needs of remanufacturers around the world.


Core Management

  • Core eligibility terms by customer
  • Map a core part number to the REMAN part number
  • Core tracking – outbound and inbound (cus­tomers and suppliers)
  • Core terms by customer and supplier by part number
  • Core charge invoicing
  • Core returns and credits
  • Track cores in finished goods
  • Financial core reporting

Assembly Rebuild

Build a Bill of Materials

  • Use of cores
  • Cost of enhancements
  • Kits – Assemblies - Parts

Disassemble Bill of Materials and Work Orders

  • Estimate yield of parts and cores into inventory
  • Include Disassembly Labor

Work Order and Material planning

  • Locate cores
  • Establish required components
  • Estimate Labor
  • Provide Quotes


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