AutoPower System Profit by Intention: Accounting

Financial Accounting and Reporting

AutoPower Financial Accounting Modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Payroll.

AutoPower's Financial Accounting Suite  provides the foundation for great corporate performance and sound business management. This suite of integrated accounting solutions automates and streamlines day-to-day processing and performs necessary financial accounting functions within the following modules:

Accounts Receivable (A/R)
Accounts Payable (A/P)
Payroll (PR)
General Ledger (G/L)

With AutoPower's Accounting Suite the labor intensive month-end and year-end closing processes for your G/L, A/P and fixed asset processing are a thing of the past. Monitor your company's financial health daily with a comprehensive set of standard reports designed for the industries unique needs.

Accounts Receivable

Customer Accounts Receivable Profile:

  • Displays a statistical profile of the customer
  • Displays general and invoice data, view an aging history, perform an invoice search, and display sales by customer and by product line 
  • View a customer profile, a customer master inquiry, special customer discounts, and customer historical invoices
  • View a customer information summary that provides a snapshot of a customer’s account information that contains a brief sales overview, monthly sales, and review of the customer’s file maintenance record
  • Quickly display and view customer contacts detailed information
  • Allows you to enter payment terms, sales tax required or sales tax exempt status and customer credit line
  • Record and track deferred payments

Customer Sales Analysis

  • Sales Analysis displays the customer sales displaying the product line sales by vendor
  • Allows you to view the vendor product line, dollar sales, profit and the GM%
  • Sales projections by Salesman and Branches

Cash Receipts, Adjustments and Credits

  • Allows you to enter cash receipts and credits, adjust accounts and credits, print a cash receipts journal and post receipts to A/R
  • Allows you to enter and display customer’s bad checks, transfer an unpaid invoice from one customer to another, and print an invoice transfer report

Collection Manager

  • Encompasses a complete system for controlling past due accounts
  • Allows you to record the amount and date that the customer promised to pay, the name of the person you spoke to, and a narrative comment about the call
  • Call back reminders
  • With the Credit Card Module you can accept credit card payments on accounts
  • Manages the credit collection daily, weekly and monthly activities


  • Print, view and/or export a full range of reports including but not limited to; Sales Journal Report, A/R Activity Summary, and an Aged Trial Balance to get an overview of your A/R activity
  • Print, Email or Fax Monthly AR Statements


Accounts Payable

AutoPower’s Accounts Payable Module is a full featured payment administrator. You are enabled with standard features to:

  • Avoid duplicate invoices and late payments
  • Require that invoices recorded in the system be supported by purchase orders
  • Take advantage of early-payment discounts
  • Print, view and/or export a full range of reporting options

Additional functionality includes vendor management tools:

  • Manage product suppliers and your local fixed and variable vendor expenses
  • Instantly access vendor summary and detailed information displaying balances, open debt, available prepayment, credit due and available payment terms discounts  
  • Setup General Ledger reference accounts used when recording invoices for a specific vendor
  • Integrated with AutoPower's Purchase Order module, you get a complete purchasing and invoicing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendor base and cash flow
  • Verify Pruchase Order against Vendor's invoice to ensure approved invoice payment
  • Process EDI invoices directly from your vendors that can be quickly matched and reconciled against EDI Purchase orders

Banking and Payment processing with:

  • Flexible Check Printing, Quick Checks and Check Recording Options
  • Vendor Payment History with report and inquiry options
  • Check History with report and inquiry options
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronic payments options
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Positive Pay Fraud Protection options
  • Bank Reconciliation Interface
  • Manage Recurring Invoices

General Ledger

AutoPower’s General Ledger module provides maximum control over the management of accounting transactions.  The system has flexibility for setting up and maintaining a chart of accounts, generating financial statements and reports or creating journal entries and budgets. The module provides the industry-specific power and performance to help you manage financial data and make better “Profit by Intention” decisions. 

  • Flexible Account Number Setup
  • Establish Posting and Allocation Accounts
  • Journal Entry Creation and Editing
  • Manage Recurring Invoices and Reversal Journal Entries
  • User-Defined Posting Periods
  • Fiscal and Posting Period Controls
  • Build Budgets
  • Maintain unlimited yearly account balance histories
  • Full Reporting – Balance Sheet, Income Statements, Cash Flow Budgeting for various account segments and period historical comparisons



AutoPower’s Payroll module lets you set up records for salaried, hourly, time card or piece work employees and independent contractors.  (Download Payroll Overview)

  • Pay using a variety of pay periods that suit your company policy and each employee’s pay and employment status
  • Deductions can be withheld from the employee’s payroll and matched by employers
  • Additional payments, such as bonuses and fringe benefits, can be recorded for each employee
  • Accrue leave hours, calculate the worker’s compensation liability
  • Print on blank or preprinted check stock and supports the assignment of multiple states and local tax codes to each employee
  • Easily determine employee and federal tax deposit payments. AutoPower provides the latest payroll tax updates that will be used to calculate payroll taxes and print payroll tax returns, W-2 and 1099 forms

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